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At Ankur Healthcare, we stand as a beacon of hope for individuals and couples facing fertility challenges. With an unwavering commitment to turning dreams into reality, we pioneer advanced diagnostics, non-invasive treatments, and groundbreaking medical algorithms, elevating the chances of conceiving your own biological child.

A Legacy of Excellence

With a proud legacy spanning 25 years, Ankur Healthcare has been a beacon of excellence in reproductive medicine. Our enduring commitment to compassionate care, patient-centric services, and continuous innovation makes us a name you can trust for achieving your family-building goals.

Personalized Attention

Recognizing the uniqueness of each journey to parenthood, Ankur Healthcare provides personalized attention. Your treatment plan is tailored to your specific circumstances, concerns, and goals, ensuring you receive individualized care and support throughout your experience with us.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Our core mission is turning dreams into reality. Whether you're seeking fertility solutions, addressing sexual health concerns, or focusing on maintaining optimal health as you age, Ankur Healthcare is dedicated to guiding you towards joy, vitality, and fulfillment.

Expertise and Innovation

At Ankur Healthcare, we stand at the forefront of reproductive medicine and sexual health. Our team of seasoned specialists is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions through a combination of expertise and innovative technologies, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care.


Our Vision at Ankur Healthcare is to become the world’s foremost fertility and sexual wellness center, globally recognized for our excellence in reproductive healthcare. We aspire to create a world where every individual has access to personalized, cutting-edge fertility treatments and sexual wellness services, fostering the joy of building healthy families and fulfilling lives


Our Mission at Ankur Healthcare is to empower individuals and couples on their path to parenthood through comprehensive fertility and sexual wellness solutions. We are dedicated to delivering compassionate care, harnessing advanced medical technologies, and cultivating a supportive environment that promotes overall reproductive health and well-being.


  • First qualified Andrologist in India
  • Pioneered the concept of comprehensive andrological diagnosis and treatment approaches especially in male infertility
  • Established the first center in the country where advanced andrological treatment options are available
  • Established the only comprehensive Andrology Laboratory in India
  • Instrumental in bringing Men’s Health as an independent area of focus not only for fertility but also erectile dysfunction, sexual concerns and several other Mens Health issues which affect men with advancing age.

Apart from his vast clinical experience and astute diagnostic skills, Dr Vasan SS is presently the Ex Trustee, International Continence Society (ICS), UK task force Member on male infertility, Member in WHO consultations on incontinence, Member Asian task force on erectile dysfunction and Quality control expert for labs worldwide. He is also the Founder Secretary of SASSM (South Asian Society for Sexual Medicine). He has authored several papers (National and International) in peer-reviewed journals & books and has received two awards for original innovation.


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Dr. Fahim L H Rajiwate

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Dr. Roopa P

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Dr. Nikil Shetty

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Dr. Satheesh

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Dr. Mohammad Sajeed

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Mrs. Jayalakshmi Shoraff

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