Penile Prosthesis

What is penile prosthesis?

A penile prosthesis is a surgical treatment option for men with erectile dysfunction due to either a vascular cause or a neurogenic cause or a combination of causes. A penile implant can be placed in any patient with clear medical cause for ED as most of the problems fail to resolve completely with non surgical treatments. Sometimes a penile prosthesis is implanted to reconstruct the penis when scarring has caused penis to curve (Peyronies diseases) which prevents sexual intercourse.

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How does penile prosthesis work?

Penile implants are either malleable or inflatable. There are many companies which manufacture these implants, but we at MAARS use penile implants which are FDA approved.

Malleable penile implants:

The simplest type of penile prosthesis consists of a pair of malleable rods surgically implanted with in the penis.With this type of implant the penis is always rigid, though it can be bent and can be moved in any desired position determined by the man himself. However because it is hard, it is slightly difficult to conceal and may need stiffer inner wear. Far from normal, this was the first penile implant and has been a reliable form of treatment for ED for over 50 years now.

Inflatable penile Implant:

This implant has got 3 parts which are concealed within the body and is referred to as 3 piece inflatable prosthesis  .There are two inflatable cylinders inserted in the penis which is connected to a reservoir filled with fluid  implanted behind the abdominal wall and there is a pump which is placed in th scrotum.To inflate the prosthesis, the man presses on the pump in the scrotum thus transferring the fluid from the reservoir to the cylinders in the penis causing an erection.There is also a deflation valve on the pump that will allow the fluid to return to the reservoir, deflating the penis and returning to the normal flaccid state, thus not making it obvious that there is penile implant. There are 2 piece implants also available –cylinders and the combined pump with reservoir – makes the surgery duration shorter as there is no abdominal component however due to small reservoir may not result in adequate erection

Is the prosthesis noticeable?

A malleable implant as they are rigid generally labeled as difficult to conceal, but with proper attire can be concealed completely.

However, inflatable implants can be completely deflated and are just like a normal flaccid penis.

How effective is sex life with a penile implant?

When the penis is inflated the prosthesis makes the penis rigid, very similar to a natural erection. The implant renders one with hard rigidity and allows the normal satisfactory sexual activity to happen. It does not change the sensation of the skin of the penis and thus allows the man to reach orgasm; also the ejaculation is not affected in any way. 90 – 95 % of men are able to have erections after the implants and 80-90% of men are satisfied with the results.

Does having a penile implant affect normal life?

There is no hobby, sport or past time which is precluded by using the penile implants. The penile implant does not set off security alarms at airports or guarded buildings. Our patients, once healed, proceed with a normal active lifestyle.

What are the benefits of penile prosthesis?

*Offers a long term solution for erectile dysfunction

*Provides an ability to have an erection any time you choose

*Allows greater spontaneity-have sex when the mood is right

*Maintains erection till desired

*Eliminates the need to be on constant pills/injections

*Feel natural during intercourse

*Does not hamper orgasm/ejaculation

What are the complications of penile implants?

*Infection: As with any surgery, infection is a possibility and infection rate is < 2 %. Infection risks can be significantly reduced when the patient complies with pre and post operative instructions provided.

*Implant problems: Though rare, may be necessary to remove/replace malfunctioning implant. Our 15 year device survival rates is around 80%