Quality Control

Quality Control

Ankur has always been at the forefront in introducing cutting-edge technologies, practices and procedures. All our centres are fully compliant with ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) standards and audited by international experts to ensure Quality Assurance & Quality Control measures. This enables us to adhere to international standards required for a laboratory and ensure they are up to date with the latest in technology, processes and procedures.


  • India’s first unique and comprehensive Andrology Lab with Advanced Semen Analysis (ASA)
  • Fluorescent microscopy for DNA defect assessment
  • Reactive oxygen species measurement
  • Embryology Lab and OT equipped with air contaminant removers which create ideal culture conditions to enhance success rates

Instructions to patients towards ensuring quality control

  • Kindly produce the prescriptions for tests while giving samples
  • Ensure the technicians enter your identification details correctly
  • While collecting the reports make sure to counter check your identification details
  • Please ensure you have received all the test reports you have paid for

Quality control of Ankur healthcare