HEALTH Package

Premarital Screening Packages

Ankur congratulates you for stepping into your next stage of life! To ensure your healthy future together we have compiled a series of diagnostic tests that will ensure your healthy future ahead.

Get yourself and your partner screened before stepping into your future together. The Pre-Marital Screening Package should be availed in order to provide medical consultation on the odds of transmitting diseases to your partner or your children in the future, and to give options and alternatives with the aim of helping you plan for a healthy and sound family.

Male and Female Premarital Package in Bangalore

Pre-Marital Screening (Female)

  • Pelvis Scan
  • TSH
  • RBS
  • Consultation

Pre-Marital Screening Package (Male)

  • ASA
  • DFI
  • LH
  • Testosterone total
  • Consultation