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The Strange Link Between Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) And PCOS

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PCOS is an abbreviation for what medical experts call Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This is a condition most women in their childbearing age are prone to getting. A set and series of continual hormonal imbalances characterize the nature of this condition. When the hormones associated with your ovaries form fluid-filled follicles around your ovaries, you are most likely to be diagnosed with AMH. Clearly, the connection between PCOS and AMH is a vital one because doctors use AMH levels to determine whether you have PCOS, and they predict infertility.

Here are 5 reasons why the link between AMH and PCOS is good for PCOS patients:

  • t’s an early detector of PCOS

Essentially, an examination of AMH blood levels is known to reflect the size of the measure of egg supply you have left. This way, AMH levels can be used to diagnose PCOS early. It is also a reliable identifier of normal or irregular ovarian function.

  • It watches over your fertility reserve

At the earliest stage of PCOS, AMH levels can be used to observe and spot a deteriorating ovarian reserve. PCOS is commonly diagnosed in women who have a depleting or decreased ovarian reserve and the earlier you know this, the more treatable your condition is. Most fertility clinics check for this with help of AMH blood levels and this part of the process is the stepping stone toward conducting a thorough standard fertility evaluation.  

  • It can determine the severity of PCOS

Women who suffer from PCOS have an increased number of early antral follicles that raise the baseline AMH levels and heighten the severity of the condition. In this context, AMH levels can be useful when it comes to determining the severity of PCOS. This way doctors will be able to help their patients better and more thoroughly.  

  • It is covered by your insurance

Most fertility clinics offer a full 90% insurance coverage for an AMH test. Even the insurance is bound to understand why AMH test is significant as far as your reproductive health is concerned.

  • It individualizes treatment protocols

Several fertility clinics aim at using AMH testing as a way to assist reproductive therapy by personalizing and individualizing treatment procedures. By the means of this protocol, AMH testing then thrives to achieve the optimal ovarian response and oocyte yield that is true to your system and body.