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The Eternal Healing Powers Of Haldi: How Turmeric Reduces Severe Endometriosis

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Haldi or turmeric doesn’t cure endometriosis but actually does something better: it works like magic on the symptoms of endometriosis, and that’s saying a lot. When it comes to curing or aiding any part or system of your body, the key is to remember how nature cure trumps any other figment of modern medicine and technology. If one is to really look into the fact that natural remedies can go a long way in successfully boosting your immunity, one will come to understand the true healing properties of Haldi or Turmeric. This precious spice or herb or ingredient can be found on the shelf of every kitchen in every Indian household. It’s added in food for colour, taste, and purity; it’s an amazingly effective antiseptic, anti-inflammatory must-have; it restores wounds, heals burns, beautifies skin, and helps you get through endometriosis like nothing ever happened.  

Packed with special powers that make the pain go away and the healing happens all at the same time, turmeric possesses a sacred substance called curcumin. Curcumin helps lower the number of prostaglandins present in your uterus. Prostaglandins are the ones to blame for all that pain you face when you are down the endometriosis path. Naturopaths, at this point in time, highly recommend turmeric as your one sole medication goes to for it releases natural cortisone that reduces inflammation. In a nutshell, turmeric can relieve more than one symptom of endometriosis, be it aching joints or even support the immune system.  

Endometriosis is a condition wherein the endometrium that usually lines outside the uterine cavity of your uterus abnormally develops outside of it.  This unusual mishap shows in painful and uncomfortable ways like menstrual cramps, pelvic pain, rectal pain, pain during sexual intercourse, lower backaches, painful bowel movements and more. If you have tried every over-the-counter drug there is to soothe yourself and failed to get any relief, here’s probably how and why you should choose turmeric to be your essential coping and healing agent.

  • It’s Anti-Endometrial: Turmeric is gifted with curcumin, which is a natural anti-endometrial substance that stunts the growth of endometrial. In the long-run, a habitual use of Turmeric in your diet can actually help wipe out the condition in its totality.
  • It’s Anti-Inflammatory: Turmeric is what it is and does what it does because it’s got curcumin. Curcumin is yet again, naturally inflammatory. If turmeric can take care of all inflammatory hassles in your uterus during endometriosis, endometrial pain can be tackled with, relieved, and banished for elongated periods of time.  
  • It’s A Fertility Powerhouse: Turmeric is the kingpin when it comes to retrieving hormonal balance.  
  • It’s A Compelling Antioxidant: Regular turmeric consumption for endometriosis enhances and boosts your body’s capacity and capability to flush out toxins that obstacles tissue degeneration. This helps ease your irregular digestion patterns and painful bowel movements.
  • It’s a Leading Detoxifier: Turmeric’s antioxidant properties help regenerate liver cells that can aid your hormones in ways where in hormonal health is taken care and so if hormone-related disorders you may encounter with endometriosis.