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Penile Implants: How Safe Are They?

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Well, it’s definitely not unheard of. The decline of prescriptions pills raised another sure-shot method to treat erectile dysfunction with care and it’s called a penile prosthesis. The most commonly used and opted for an implant is an inflatable one.

A typical inflatable penile implant encompasses a reservoir and a pump. These two cylinders that make up the penile implant are fixed into the erection section of the penis with a tube separating the fluid reservoir. Under the groin muscles is where you will find the reservoir and pump lay beneath the groin muscles under the loose and saggy skin of the scrotal sac, between the two testicles. Inflating the device is easy. All you have to do is press on the pump and the fluid is pushed up to the reservoir to cause a natural-feeling and natural –looking erection. You can easily deflate this erection by pressing on a deflation valve at the base of the pump, which restores the fluid back in to the reservoir.

Having understood all this, one thing is clear: Penile implants are a serious deal and the safety and feasibility of the method to treat erectile dysfunction is a matter of utmost importance. When you put something external into your body, it is important to understand and critically analyse the importance of the device and its value to you and your health.   

When it comes to the effectiveness of a penile prosthesis, statistics say that about 90-95% of the inflatable penile implants make and produce erections that are suitable for sexual intercourse. Satisfaction rates are pretty high too wherein at least 80-90%of men are happy and content with the results of the prosthesis and they claim they may even go in for the surgery again if required. However, the safety of the measure is the question. There is absolutely no surgery in the world that is completely devoid of complications, post-surgery side-effects, and recovery problems.

Here are the risks and side-effects of penile implants in general:

  • Bleeding Extensively Is Part Of The Game: Post-surgery bleeding is a given if you decide to go in for it. Penile implants once implanted can cause bleeding that result in hematoma formation. This unlikely formation at the reservoir site can displace the pump, which makes it inaccessible, and it can delay the activation of the device.
  • Injuries Are Added Trouble: Injuries to the bladder, small bowel, colon, and the arteries can affect the placement of the implant which can cause problems for you eventually. 
  • Erosions Are Accompaniments: If the implant is too closely and stubbornly stuck to the inner layers if your skin in the penis, it can cause internal erosion of the skin, which leads to infections and inflammation of the skin or organ.
  • Pain Is Common: Pain post-surgery can be extreme and severe. This is the kind of pain that doesn’t go away that easily. It may even stay for long periods of time.  The pain gets worse if one of the cylinders’ crosses-over to the wrong side of the penis or scrotal sac.
  • Malfunction Is A Probable Flaw: In some cases, the work of the device wears out; it may not give you the results you are expecting. The more you use it, the lesser the efficiency of the device gets.
  • Hernia Is Possible: If one of the cylinders is displaced and falls on the wrong end of the scrotal sac it causes pain and the symptoms of a hernia.  

The best way to stay free from such complications and lower your risks when it comes to choosing penile implants as a cure or remedy for erectile dysfunction is to visit a good physician. Erectile dysfunctions for many could be because of various other complications like diabetes, heart diseases, neurological conditions, and cancer. You are better off if you take all these issues to an expert who knows what to cure, why, and how. If the surgery for penile implants is conducted under severely sterile conditions but a surgeon who has performed this surgery before, and he or she knows exactly what they are doing, you are in good hands.