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PCOS Alert: Yogurt And Chocolate Will Cut The Fat

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Everything comes and goes from your gut. A lot of people don’t know this but our immune system actually located in our gut and it controls everything. The strength of your immune system can determine how healthy you are or you are not. This only means that taking good care of your gut is the best and most sensible way of taking care of your overall health.  

An easy way to understand what probiotics are is to look at them as live microbes that work toward keeping you alive in a good and healthy fashion. Your gut health and the essential goodness of probiotics work hand in hand and go all the way to keep you healthy in a sustainable manner. Probiotics are the first and most way of ensuring you’ve laid the foundation for having a healthy gut. There’s probably a lot of your gut that you don’t know. It nestles over 100 trillion species and varieties of bacteria that are good for you. These bacteria aid in breaking your food down and smoothening the digestive system and its various functionalities. They also protect your inner ecosystem from germs and diseases. The sad and most important part to remember is that a poor diet packed with poor nutrition can seriously harm your gut and sometimes, the damage is even irreversible. A very apt example to explain this is the fact that hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance that cause PCOS in most middle-aged women these days are caused due to poor gut health.  

A known fact about PCOS women is that they suffer from a leaky gut. And because PCOS is a consequence of low-grade inflammation, most of those affected by PCOS experience sudden and extensive weight gain. To remedy this is when probiotics come into the picture. The first step toward regulating PCOS stimulated weight gain is to maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. One wouldn’t expect you to indulge in bad bacteria foods, but the good ones come from a probiotic diet. Numerous studies backed by experts and well-versed scientists state that probiotics have lowering effects on stomach fat and body weight.  

If you are looking at exploring the properties and effects of probiotics to get some relief from PCOS, you are making the right choice. These live microbes we’ve spoken so much about already, positively affect the PH of the intestine to heal and rejuvenate your gut. They combine all their powers to create what medical terminologists call a healthy microbiome, wherein the probiotics out-number the bad, damage-causing, disease-creating bacteria.

Here is why you should add dark chocolate and yogurt to your diet right way to shed that weight gain from PCOS.  

1. Dark Chocolate:


This sinful yet useful item must top the list. Yes, dark chocolate contains saturated fat. However, like every other probiotic there is, the fat in dark chocolate is good for you because it cuts the fat you gain from PCOS. If enjoyed in small and moderate quantities, dark chocolate can nourish you the same way as green leafy vegetables do. They absorb all unhealthy fats from your gut, reduce insulin resistance, and demotivate you from over-eating when you have PCOS.

2. Yogurt:


Yogurt is the kingpin of all probiotic food. Yogurt is a low-fat edible that is packed with calcium and protein. This goodness plays a vital role in reducing fat and keeping your gut healthy.  The calcium content in yogurt is of special significance when it comes to weight loss and weight management. It burns fat like no other mineral off the chart. Eating yogurt on a daily basis can boost the strength of your immune system and reduce all-round inflammation, including the low-grade gut inflammation that’s responsible for PCOS.