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How Do Anti-Depressants Affect Your Fertility?

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Depression is not a discreet secret. It is probably the reality of many people who live varied lives and come from different walks of life. The standard treatment for depression is counselling and anti-depressants. These medicines your doctors give your to make you feel better might keep depression at bay but they have other effects on other systems that run together to allow your body function the way it does. The matter of concern here is whether anti-depressants affect your fertility and ability to become pregnant and how does this factor show itself in our bodies in terms of our reproductive system.

The truth is little has ever been said about anti-depressants and female fertility. However, the influence of anti-depressants on male fertility is a great deal one can discuss. Research states that when sperm is exposed to anti-depressants, it causes an increase in DNA fragmentation compared to the sperm that was spared the torture. If this happens, sperm loses the power and capability to fertilize an egg. This is the first step of reproduction and anti-depressants can tamper with it.

Here’s a little on how anti-depressants are bad news as far as male fertility is concerned:

  • Low Sperm Count: Yes, this is what it can do. When it comes to taking the brunt of it, men take most of it. Anti-depressants may cure depression but it will also reduce your natural sperm count by quite a significant measure. Research studies and experts claim that sperm count drops by almost 50% because of the use of anti-depressants. If you are trying to start a family, it’s best to avoid chemicals and resort to more organic and natural forms of treatment for depression.
  • Low Sperm Motility: Anti-depressants can literally vegetate your sperm. Chemicals that treat depression can have some depressing effects on your sperm motility. Not only does your sperm count reduce, so does your sperm’s motility. Sometimes anti-depressants can destroy your sperm to the extent of uselessness.
  • Lower Testosterone Levels: Anti-depressants can lower your testosterone levels and cause you a lot of stress that can be the reason for your infertility.

Here’s what you can do to help yourself:  

Especially when you are trying to get pregnant or bring an offspring into your life, get off the medicines and choose from a range of natural and organic options available to treat depression. Natural and organic means can do the job without affecting your fertility. Also, seeing a good and trustworthy physician about such matters is a good idea. Proper research and thorough consultation can solve more than half the problem.