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Household Items That Complicate Fertility And Reproduction

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Sometimes, the reason or reasons behind infertility remain undiscovered. You’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year with no great luck. You’ve been a dozen doctors who claim to have examined you completely and still failed to arrive at an appropriate conclusion as to how come it’s this difficult, well just stop and look around you. There are certain products and items in your home that affect your body in ways you don’t know about at all. Some of these household products influence your ability to get pregnant. If you are constantly in the kitchen and exposed to a lot of smoke as part of your daily routine, you have one less reason to determine why you haven’t been able to get pregnant in all this time.

Here are some more reasons:

  1. Rinse Out The Soap:

While some soap is antibacterial and good for you in terms of keeping you away from germs, they can also reduce or weaken the potential of your fertility.  If you’re dedicatedly trying to get pregnant, it’s best to avoid using soap that contains triclosan. This dangerous component that is present in most soap can throw your hormone levels off-track and cause complications in your reproductive system.

  1. Ditch The Pots and Pans:

Little did you know about this but how can one blame you. It does seem a bit far-fetched to think that you kitchen utensils have something to do with fertility and your ability to conceive. However, the fact is non-stick pans and pots have a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA. This is the danger element here. Avoid using Teflon pans for the same reason. This chemical is responsible for your infertility and ovulation troubles.

  1. Can The Canned Food:

Among many other bad things, canned food can do to you, reducing your chances of getting pregnant is one. Most of these tinned packs of food have a chemical called BPA lined with plastic. This chemical along with aluminium in the cans is double trouble for your ovaries and ovulation. Stick to fresh food, preferably home-made, organic, and natural food products while you are trying to get your fertility scale back on track.

  1. Toss Away That Detergent:

What’s good for your clothes is not good for your reproductive system. It’s not necessary to make it a rule but while you are trying so hard to get pregnant, go an extra mile and keep away from commercial laundry detergent. Some unfriendly chemicals that make up standard laundry detergent mess with your menstrual cycle and disrupt your natural ovulation process. This can be quite a hassle if you want to get pregnant.  

  1. Your Bed Could Be It:

It does seem unlikely and bizarre but maybe it’s your bed mattress that the route of reproductive ache. From carpets to bed linen, chemicals are present everywhere and they can get absorbed by your skin quickly. With all this happening inside your body and behind your back in that sense, there’s no surprise as to why you are not able to put a baby inside of you. When it comes to picking out your bed, go organic with all your choices.

  1. Paint Over Paint:

Paint has chemicals like nobody’s business. Theirs is no two ways about it. If you are using natural colour and organic material to paint your walls, you are smart and safe. However, if you are not, you are in for trouble because something simple yet large like paint can affect your fertility and ability to get pregnant