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Gym Addicts Could End Up With Weaker Sperm

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Do you have a crush on the handsome guy in your gym who can lift weights heavier than your own? Are you secretly married to him in your mind? Gym buffs would make the perfect match for you to have beautiful children with. But the question is – can they have children? The study says that high-intensity workouts and consuming or injecting steroids lead to infertility among men. Yikes! Infertility in men is a sensitive issue and difficult for them to understand. This becomes even more difficult for infertile men who follow intense workouts as they consider themselves to be fit.

How Do Steroids And High-Intensity Workout Affect Fertility?

Steroids are packed with testosterone that boosts muscle growth and overall fitness. Therefore, when an external source of testosterone, which is otherwise produced naturally by the testicles, is released in the body, the brain is tricked into thinking that a sufficient amount of testosterone is being produced and signals the testicles to reduce or stop secretion. This leads to low sperm count and shrunken testicles which cause infertility.

Exercising regularly has proven to improve fertility in men. However, you should remember to not push yourself too hard as the high-intensity workout can lead to amenorrhoea which causes infertility. Sitting in a hot pool or sauna for too long after your workout will also lead to excessive heat being created around your testicles which lead to infertility.

What Causes Infertility Among Men?

The biggest cause of infertility in men is attributed to low sperm quality. Some factors that negatively affect the quality of sperm are:

• Excessive consumption of alcohol

• Smoking/drugs

• Consumption of caffeine/tea

• Exposure to xenoestrogens like pesticides and industrial pollutants

• Using synthetic deodorants and cosmetics

• Imbalanced body weight (obese or underweight)

• Wearing tightly fitted underwear that suppresses sperm production

Exercises And Tips That Improve Men’s Fertility

The study has shown that men who exercise regularly have improved quality sperm in terms of the count, volume, shape, size and motility. But before you consider male infertility related treatment or even low sperm count treatments, here are a bunch of exercises that can help men in improving their fertility:

1. Cardio – You should aim for at least 45 minutes of cardio 5 times a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This helps you in reducing weight and getting rid of the excess fat around your testes

2. Yoga – Yoga helps in reducing stress and relaxing your muscles. Working on yoga positions that will loosen the muscles in your hips, back and groin will improve the blood flow to your pelvic organs. Voila! Free and natural Viagra!

3. Wear loose fitting pants while working out – This will allow your testicles to stay cool and function optimally

4. Relaxation exercise – Take out at least 15 minutes a day to practice deep abdominal breathing. This will help relax all the tense muscles in your body and rev up your fertility engine

Remember guys, steroids will give you a great body, but it might cost you something so valuable, and then what are you going to do with that body, huh? Share other workout routines that you have come across for improving fertility in the comments section. Think fertile!