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Get Freedom From Infertility

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India has come a long way since the end of the British rule. This amazing nation has constantly tried to evolve, adapt, and develop itself and emerge as a global power throughout the course of these 72 years of Independence. So, this Independence Day is the perfect time to talk about something that we still haven’t been able to win freedom from- the infertility taboo. We may think that infertility is a personal aspect of our lives, but in the Indian society, it is a social problem as well. According to a 2015 Ernst & Young report, more than 27.5 million infertile couples in India suffer from infertility. Yet shockingly, only 1% of these couples seek diagnosis and treatment.

In spite of the magnitude of the problem, most people choose to remain silent or judge others due to social stigma, hostility, prejudices, and superstitions. Freeing ourselves of the taboo around infertility is the only way we can normalize the issue and approach it as other treatable medical conditions. It is important to eradicate all misconceptions about fertility and discuss this important topic so that more infertility patients have the courage to seek help and treatment and start families of their own.

Why should we break the infertility taboo?

  • The lack of awareness about fertility issues contributes to the silence, myths and prejudices about infertility. A huge number of Indian men and women don’t know about reproductive health or what to do if they are struggling with infertility. It’s important to promote the fact that infertility is not a lifestyle choice or a matter of fate. It is a treatable medical condition recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the international medical community.
  • Infertility is a physically, emotionally and financially stressful problem. It’s very difficult for couples to open up about their problems and seek help, support, and treatment in the face of harsh and intrusive questions, comments, judgment and alienation. Unless people start discussing infertility more openly, getting themselves diagnosed and taking care of their fertility health, the numbers will only increase.
  • Infertility is a multilayered problem that needs a diagnosis, medical advice, and even treatment. There is no one cause and no one cure, so the only way to find a solution is by taking fertility tests, understanding the issue and treating it properly. Without the encouragement, support and empathy from the family and the community this becomes an extremely difficult task.

Manipal Fertility has always encouraged all couples struggling with infertility to come forward and seek expert help and advice. We are consistently trying to promote fertility awareness and reproductive health and delivering top-class medical and pharmaceutical services to treat a range of infertility problems. The doctors at Manipal Fertility aim to guide and support their infertility patients through every step of their journey and help realize their dreams of conceiving a child of their own. This month we are offering some very special packages in honour of our country’s 72nd year of Independence:

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  • Fertility Assessment and Premarital Screening Package at 72%** Off 
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So, free yourself from all shame and stigma and stop hesitating about seeking professional help. Consult our fertility experts and doctors to embark on your journey towards a healthy pregnancy and a brighter future. Freedom from the infertility taboo is the freedom to begin your journey towards giving birth to a new life. Team Manipal Fertility wishes you a very Happy Independence Day!

Importance of nutrition for fertility health.

  • Our body needs some dense nutrients and phytochemicals to promote optimal blood, egg and sperm health as well as proper hormone production and balance. What we eat directly impacts the constitution of our body and it can improve or aggravate imbalances, underlying medical conditions or bodily deficiencies. Improper ovulation is a common cause of infertility and it can be corrected with the right dietary changes. Research shows that a consistent fertility diet comprising of whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, seafood and poultry leads to better semen quality in men and improved fertility in women.
  • Antioxidants can help boost male fertility while long chain omega-3 fatty acids is beneficial for female fertility. Studies suggest that a regular high intake of supplemental folic acid and folate-rich foods can help lower the risk of infertility issues and pregnancy loss and prevent neural tube defects. Soy foods and supplements can also aid in infertility treatment.

So, your diet plays a significant role not only during pregnancy but also in promoting fertility and aiding infertility treatment. Consult our doctors and nutrition experts at Manipal Fertility to find out if you are suffering from any deficiencies and choose which fertility diet best suits your needs