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Everyone’s Favourite White Mineral Is Now Boosting Women’s Fertility

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A woman on her period is like the signboard on a Rated 16+ movie – there are blood and gore, and strong language. Throw in PCOS and you may even get intense violence. PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common disorder in women in their reproductive years. This hormonal imbalance causes fertility problems and hence, trying to conceive with PCOS can be challenging. If chocolate is the answer to your period problem, studies have shown that consumption of calcium and Vitamin D may be the solution to treat PCOS and infertility.

How Does Calcium Help In Boosting Women’s Fertility?

Vitamin D is required for calcium to be absorbed by the blood. Hence, if your Vitamin D levels are low, your calcium levels might also be low. Deficiency of calcium is a major risk factor contributing to obesity. The extra fat tissues foster insulin resistance leading to excess production of the male hormones – androgens. This causes an imbalance in the other reproductive organs making it that much harder for women with PCOS to conceive.

Calcium is essential for the maturation of follicles and egg development. It also promotes regular menstrual cycles and balance in the male hormone levels in the bloodstream.

Busting The Myth

According to Gynaecologist, Dr Felice Gersh, the dairy industry has made us believe that consuming large amounts of dairy products with each meal is the best way to elevate your calcium levels to ensure healthier bones and cardiovascular system. As it turns out, this can be downright damaging, particularly for women suffering from PCOS. This makes dairy products a substandard source of calcium. Here’s how –

  • Calcium can only leave the blood to move into tissues in an alkaline situation
  • Dairy products are acidic in nature, consumption of which makes your blood acidic
  • If blood is acidic, your bones will be unable to absorb calcium
  • Since calcium is a natural antacid, eliminating it from the blood will make the blood more acidic, thus restricting its movement to the tissues

Best Sources Of Absorbable Calcium

Dr Gersh asserts that vegetables are the only foods that alkalize the blood. This is what she recommends as the best sources of absorbable calcium

  • Collard Greens – A cup of collard greens has much more usable calcium than a glass of milk since it is not flushed out with urine or cause kidney stones
  • Fresh Vegetables – Do not restrict yourself only to green vegetables. Include a variety of different veggies to your diet.
  • Calcium Supplements – Consuming small amounts of calcium supplements may help and is safe if you limit the dose to 500mg per day. It is important to understand that an excess intake of calcium may lead to kidney stones and accumulation of calcium deposits in the artery walls.
  • Nuts & Seeds – Walnuts and sunflower seeds are rich sources of Vitamin D which help the bones in absorbing calcium
  • Sunlight – Getting plenty of sunlight is the best source of elevating your Vitamin D levels, besides you may look good with a tan!

The state of our health majorly depends on our diet. Eat healthily, drink loads of water, and exercise! I Please share more tips in the comments section to help women with PCOS boost their fertility.