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Dear Doctors, thank you for making miracles happen

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Rarely do we get the chance to turn our adversities into successes and be a part of something incredible. Today, as we prepare for my daughter’s rice ceremony which is in two weeks, my husband and I would like to express our immense gratitude to the doctors at Manipal Fertility. Words cannot begin to thank you for the efforts you made to realize our dreams of starting a beautiful family.

Being a typical working couple with hectic schedules, we had deliberately postponed getting pregnant and having a baby before settling into our careers. We wanted to create a good financial and emotional foundation for our future child. By the time we started trying to get pregnant, both of us were over thirty. I have struggled with PCOS since my twenties but I never paid much attention to the effects it could have on my fertility. We tried conceiving naturally for a year without success, and after one miscarriage I was desperate and struggling with depression.

As if this pressure isn’t enough, the taboo and stigma around infertility add to every couple’s mental stress and sense of shame. We randomly consulted doctors and gynecologists referred to by family members, but though they were professional and competent we couldn’t work out our problems with them. This is when a very close family friend suggested Manipal Fertility, speaking highly of their fertility services and doctors. We decided to give their clinic a shot, and there has been no looking back since.

From our first appointment with our fertility specialist Dr. Nirmala, we were treated with kindness, sensitivity, and honesty. I cannot thank Dr. Nirmala enough for the pillar of strength that she has been. The feeling of impersonality and of being just another patient that had troubled me in my past experiences with doctors was completely missing. Getting pregnant is a delicate and complex process and there were a lot of mistakes we had made.

From our fertility tests to diagnosis, everything was done promptly and without hassle. We didn’t have to run back and forth to different clinics and diagnostic centers. Not only the doctors but also the staff were thorough and made me comfortable in every way. We were particularly lucky to have a doctor who was always ever patient with our queries and addressed my fears and concerns. But perhaps I am even more grateful for the efforts taken by the doctors at Manipal fertility to come to terms with my infertility issues and let go of the shame and stigma that I felt because of them.

We were recommended IVF, Dr. Nirmala and Dr. Varsha walked us through every step of the process, explaining what I would have to do, how to prepare for the treatment and what to expect. My doctor at Manipal Fertility also referred me to their fertility counseling services which proved to be a boon for both our relationship and my personal mental wellness. The extra efforts constantly made by Manipal doctors to bring infertility out of the shadows and encourage conversations and clarity about it are both inspiring and refreshing.

Not only was I guided through my round of medication and injections, the results and the effects were regularly monitored and evaluated and returned with feedback. The personal approach and comfort that was provided during each procedure, especially during the retrieval of the eggs made the whole experience bearable, especially at a time when we felt like nothing was in our control. When we were informed that enough healthy embryos had matured and survived, we could finally dare to believe in the dream our Manipal doctors had helped build. The waiting period was nerve-wracking and throughout it we kept returning to the words of encouragement and positivity that our fertility specialist had provided us with.

Sometimes IVF works wonders and sometimes it doesn’t. In our case, my first IVF cycle ultimately turned out successful and I had a healthy pregnancy without major hiccups. Manipal Fertility has wonderful services along with infertility treatment that helped us through our pregnancy and now we have a beautiful daughter of our own.

Thanks again to the great doctors at Manipal Fertility. You guided us at every step and made us feel comfortable during a time that was very scary for us. We will never forget the joy you have brought into our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish the doctors at Manipal Fertility a very Happy Doctor’s Day!

About the Couple:

Mr. and Mrs. Kumar a couple from Bengaluru who were trying to become parents after 2 years of their marriage. They had visited umpteen number of doctors but did not result in any success. Referred by one of their friend’s to Manipal Fertility, they visited our IVF specialists in reproductive medicine Dr. Nirmala and our chief embryologist Dr. Varsha. Under the constant guidance, support and care of our doctors Mr. and Mrs. Kumar were blessed with a baby girl this year.