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A Simple Scratch To Improve Your Fertility

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If you’ve recently encountered something about a simple scratch that makes it easier for you to have babies, then know that you have the correct information. According to the fertility dictionary, this scratch goes by the term endometrial scratch. The procedure entails a simple ordeal where in a small scratch irritates the lining of your uterus in order to boost your chances of having children.

Endometrial scratch treatments are a common thing when it comes to In Vitro Fertilization. If you are looking forward to improving your fertility and getting pregnant, an endometrial scratch is a promising method to try. It is a fairly new technology in that sense, but if you get yourself examined and consult a fertility specialist thoroughly, you’ll come to realise that the process and what you undergo is non-complex, safe, and beneficial. An endometrial scratch is just like a smear test. It involves a quick but clean scrape of the lining of your uterus at a particular and appropriate time in your reproductive cycle. Experts highly recommend this method to people who have issues with fertility because an endometrial scratch can also enhance embryo implantation. If you’ve given IVF a few failed chances already, an endometrial scratch is most definitely the next best thing.  

While a scratch on your womb lining may sound painful, absurd, and dangerous; it aggravates a reaction in the lining of your uterus which repairs itself. The scratch also makes way for certain rejuvenating enzymes that repair the scratch and close it up once its purpose is served. In terms of whether you will bear any damage post this minor surgery, you have nothing to worry about. The idea behind the potential success of this method is that the new lining that forms after the scratch method has been performed, is more receptive to a freshly implanting embryo. This betters your odds of conceiving.  

It is only natural to know everything there is to know about what you are getting yourself into.

Here is a short list of the risks involved when getting an endometrial scratch.

  1. Discomfort:

Like every other treatment, an endometrial scratch is no different from a slight change or alteration in your biological process that does accompany a nominal amount of pain, some cramping, and discomfort.  These feelings of uneasiness will go away in a few days with some good and natural recovery techniques.  

  1. Pregnancy Can Come In The Way:

The point is, if you are already pregnant, you cannot undergo an endometrial scratch.

  1. Infection:

A badly done scratch in haste and carelessness can cause inflammation and infection.  

  1. Uterine Perforation:

An endometrial scratch gone bad can severely injure blood vessels surrounding your bladder and bowel. This is a rare occurrence and in the worst case scenario, you can get treated for uterine perforation.  

If this is your first time, here is a little on how you can prepare for an endometrial scratch.  


  • Timing Is Key: The best time to get an endometrial scratch is 7 days before your expected menstrual period.  
  • Food Is Not The Matter: You can eat and drink normally before the procedure.
  • Bladder Regulation Is Vital: It always helps to maintain a full but comfortable bladder before you go in for the procedure.
  • Take A Painkiller: A mild dose of pain relief medicine is a good idea. Take it 40 minutes before the ES.
  • Avoid Anaesthesia: You don’t need to be sedated before the procedure.