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10 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Improve Your Fertility

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If you are a woman, you’ve probably heard, “Oh, when are you having a baby?” more times than you have heard “Swag Se Swagat” on the radio. Oh, men hear it too! They must’ve heard the lame do-you-even-know-how-to-do-it joke a million times. If you do know how to do it (just checking) and are trying to conceive, but cannot, chances are that either or both of you are on your way to infertility.

Around 15 percent of couples are affected by infertility. Recent studies have shown that poor lifestyle choices contribute hugely towards the development of infertility in both men and women. Wanting a healthy lifestyle is a matter of choice. Replacing bad habits with good ones will not only enhance your fertility, but also your overall health.

Here’s a bunch of things you can try to boost your fertility

  • Work Out

The work out does not have to be intensive. A brisk walk, aerobics, cardio, or cycling for 45 minutes a day, at least five times a week can work magic on your health and boost fertility in both men and women.

  • Eat Right 

Replace trans-fat foods with healthier food options like fresh vegetables and fruits. More options include replacing animal protein with plant protein, animal meat with beans, nuts or tofu, potato with lentils, and chips with roasted almonds.

  • Quit Smoking

 Smoking increases chances of infertility in both men and women. In women, the toxin from cigarettes causes their ovaries to age and interferes with estrogen production. This can lead to premature menopause. Men who smoke experience lower sperm count and motility.

  • Avoid Using Artificial Lubricants

Studies have concluded that commercial lubricants like Astroglide, and Replens cause sperm damage. Try using canola oil instead. It works just as well and does not affect the sperm count or quality.

  • Countdown To O-Day

Women ovulate approximately 14 days before their next menstrual cycle, if you count day one of their period as day one of the cycle. An egg needs to be fertilized within 12-24 hours, once it is released from the ovary. However, sperms have a longer lifespan and can live up to 5 days after intercourse. So, get busy a few days before O-day.

  • Throw Out The Poison

Gentlemen, limit your alcohol intake to one glass of wine or beer per day. Ladies, if you are trying to conceive, abstain from consuming alcohol at all. Watch out on the caffeine intake as well. Limit your coffee intake to one cup a day

  • It’s All About The Position

Assuming a position during intercourse that will keep the seminal inside the cervix for as long as possible will ensure that more sperms will pool in the proper location. Ladies, just roll over and sleep after sex for once. Let gravity do its job!

  • Be Cool

This is for men only. A high body temperature “down there” will impact sperm production. Avoid hot baths, tight fitting underwear and putting your laptop on your lap.

  • Do Not Douche

Douching increases risk of infertility in women. A recent study has concluded that women who douched more than once a week had trouble conceiving. 27 per cent of those women were unable to conceive.

  • Relax 

Bet you want to slap the next person who says “Relax, it will happen”! But seriously, research has shown that calming the hell down and relaxing doubled the conception rate for women who were having trouble conceiving.

Well, all this and you get to have sex! Let us know more lifestyle changes one can adapt to boost fertility in the comments section.