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10 Fertility Secrets That Your Gynaecologist Hasn’t Told You

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Growing up, the only eggs I cared about were sunny side up. As a married woman, I would like my eggs frozen, please. I’m not ready to have children – I am the children! My mother says that it’s all fun and games until she disowns me for being unable to give her a grandchild. Her only response to me wanting kids in my 30’s is that it’s too late. When I asked her why she thought it was too late – silence. That’s when I realized that a lot of people (women as much as men) do not know a whole bunch of stuff about fertility and how it works. Well, allow me.

Here’s a list of fertility secrets I bet you didn’t know –

1. Men Come With A Biological Clock Too

Being all for equal rights, this is music to my ears. In a research conducted at Bristol and Brunel Universities, it was observed that 8 per cent of men younger than age 25 were unable to impregnate their partners with the number growing to 15 per cent after age 35.

2. Yoga Boosts Your Fertility

In a study conducted at Harvard, it was observed that 55 per cent women who had enrolled themselves in the mind and body activities got pregnant as compared to the 20 per cent women who did not. This is attributed to the stress-free life that comes with practicing yoga.

3. Your Nose Knows

Your sense of smell is higher when you’re ovulating. So if you smell funny things all day, it’s baby time!

4. Lose The Tightie Whities
Guys, apart from the fact that you’re not in school anymore, your extra tight undies will keep your scrotum cooped up. This might lead to an increase in the temperature around your testes and will kill your swimmers.

5. You’re Fertile Before O-Day

Other than the day you ovulate, you’re most fertile five to six days before it. This is because, when the egg leaves the ovaries, it gives the sperms around 12-24 hours to enter. However, the sperms (very much like your guy) wait for the egg to impregnate you as they can stay viable inside you for several days.

6. Chances Of Conceiving

Study shows that couples having unprotected intercourse have only 15 per cent chances of conceiving which usually takes around 8 months to be confirmed positive. Another study has concluded that most couples had sex about 104 times before conceiving. I honestly don’t see what the fuss is about! But you could always try a female infertility treatment center if you’re unconvinced. 

7. Good Oral Hygiene

Studies show that gum diseases can lead to premature deliveries or low weight in the new-borns. It can also affect your partner’s sperms.

8. Sexy & You Know It 

Well, at least subconsciously. You tend to dress up more sexily around O-Day. The softer skin tone, fuller lips and dilated pupils that women experience around ovulation is more appealing to men

9. Pills Could Make You Pregnant

Jeez, calm down, it’s not what it looks like. Pills lower the risk of ovarian cancers apart from regulating your period and make you more likely to conceive without facing a lot of complications. Anyone else has a mini panic attack?

10. Give Him Porn

Ladies, you think men watch porn to pleasure themselves? No! They want to give you strong children. A study has concluded that watching heterosexual porn leads men to produce stronger sperms. Men, thank me later!

Trying to have a kid? Well, you know what to do! Share more fertility secrets with us in the comments section.